Adapt and Mold

      ​ After reading about the end of Ubuntu’s Unity and being a huge Unity fan, I’m not too happy, but I can’t say I’m not surprised either. Unity, to me was the perfect UI setup. The look and feel was just right. It had a launcher (of which I originally wanted on the bottom, but eventually got used to it on the left) for quick access to apps, simple key shortcuts for switching between virtual desktops, opening apps, etc; and a dash, which has to be my favorite feature. In my setup, everything just flowed. In addition, to a bright and shiny UI, the convergence dream was amazing. Since convergence is what everyone is racing to (Windows 10 w/ windows mobile, MacOS w/ios, Android w/chromeOS and Fuschia) the Ubuntu convergence gave the Linux Community a real contender in the race; especially with the demise of firefox OS and webOS. Now that dream, for the forseeable future, is dead or at least on lifesupport. Unfortunately, it’s not that surprising, though, since Unity hasn’t been getting much attention since Canonical entered the cloud and IoT rings. 

        I have also read that the Unity developers are banding together and continuing to work on Unity and possibly a Unity distro. And with that, I have to say, “this is the beauty of the Linux and FLOSS community.” Everyone can have a say, and everyone can have what they want. If it’s not available, write it and make it available. If I had to sum up our community in 5 words or less, it would be, “Adapt and Mold.” With new changes in software development, the emergence of IoT, as well as the change in direction of Linux Distributions; that’s what we do, adapt and mold. We adapt to the changes and mold them to our liking. That’s why Ubuntu has muliple flavors, and why there will be plenty more. For me, I’m probably the only person (or a part of a small few) who doesn’t like gnome. The layout just doesn’t feel right. Now I do understand Unity was built on gnome and that I could customize gnome to suit my liking, but I decided to switch to KDE Neon. Neon is Ubuntu based, so I still have the Ubuntu ecosystem , but KDE feels better. I’ve liked KDE since I started using it on my Fedora install on my iMac; but I thought of it as a number 2 to Unity. Now that I’ve played with it more, it seems more appealing; not to mention Plasma mobile seems to have picked up where Ubuntu Touch left off. 

       Since Unity is no more (for the time being) plus the way I’ve molded my KDE installation to mimic Unity, but in a Plasma shell, I think I’ve found my new home. And, again, that’s the beauty of our community; so I’ll continue to follow Canonical with vast curiosity, applaud the Unity developers, get to know the KDE realm, and to the rest our community I say, “Adapt and Mold.”

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